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Aromask eliminates all obnoxious organic odors replacing them with a fresh neutral scent.

Aromask is very effective on a variety of household uses such as: pet urine, litter box areas, washrooms, garbage containers/area, under sinks, musty basements, clothes closets/hampers and is very effective on most common obnoxious residential and property odors. Aromask is commonly used by real estate & property management companies, hotel & motels to eliminate offensive odors while leaving a fresh scent.

Whether its 2nd smoke (cigarette, cannabis) in your home, auto or on your clothing; Aromask will instantly eliminate the odor, replacing it with a fresh neutral scent. Aromask Products are formulated to eliminate all offensive odors; not just hide them.

Aromask sprayers are ideal for eliminating offensive odors instantly from sport bags, equipment lockers and footwear. Remember just a quick spray, "a little goes a long way".
Aromask Gel Packs, offer 24/7 odor control for locker rooms and other confirm areas where odor is a problem.

Aromask products are 100% biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.