Hotel & Motel Management

Converting Smoking Rooms to NON Smoking Rooms: The use of a Cyclone Unit™ in a smoking room for 12 to 24 hours will eliminate stale cigarette/cigar smoke and pet odors, often saving hundreds of dollars in dry-cleaning and painting bills. Cyclone Units™ are cost effective when used with a *timer in the bar or restaurant area to ensure a fresh start for a new day. Aromask will eliminate all organic odors including cigarette/cigar smoke, stale air and cooking odors.

Note: Restaurants/Bars use a timers which can be placed at the plug in on the Cyclone Unit™ and set to start at closing time and shutting off automatically at opening hours, leaving a fresh Aromask scent for the new day.

Gel-Paks™: Are effective for 24/7 odor control in the rooms. Simply place a Gel-Pak™ in the closet or under the chest of drawers for effective odor control that will *last for months.

Sprayers/Misters: After servicing the room, have the housekeeping staff spray 2 or 3 sprays of Aromask to maintain a fresh scent for your guest.
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Helpful Hints:

  • Smelly Drains: Pour a capful of Aromask concentrate down the affective drain to eliminate offensive odors.
  • Garbage Area (Dumpsters): Spray Aromask around this area to eliminate offensive odors. Spray directly into dumpsters and garbage cans.
  • Laundry Room: Use 1 to 2 capfuls of Aromask liquid in your wash cycle to ensure a fresh scent for all your linens.
  • Floors/Walls: Add 1 to 2 capfuls to your rinse water when mopping down to ensure an odor free environment.