General Use:
Aromask Gel-Paks™ are a cost effective and ideal way to keep bathrooms, patient rooms, kitchens, storage rooms, garbage collection areas and offices odor free 24/7, while replacing obnoxious odors with a fresh scent. Gel-Paks™ are also used extensively in pathology departments to control odors. One or two sprays of Aromask RTU™ (ready to use) will give immediate relief from unwanted odors.

Add 2 to 3 capfuls to regular size wash loads where soiled bedding and clothing is a problem. Use Aromask sprayers for immediate relief to eliminate offensive odors from soiled linen and mattresses. Spray laundry hampers / diaper pails with Aromask to control odors.

Kitchen Area:
Use Gel-Paks™ under dishwashing equipment, storage rooms, garbage collection areas and any other areas where offensive organic odor is a problem.

General Cleaning:
Add 2 to 3 capfuls of Aromask to your rinse water when mopping/wiping down floors and furniture for an odor free environment. For immediate relief from obnoxious odors spray Aromask directly onto the soiled area.

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