Pets & Animals

Aromask Products are used in a wide range of applications to control pet and animal odors; in sleeping areas, barns, around litter boxes, kennels and dog runs. Litter Box: Punch a few holes in the lid of a Gel-Pak™ and place near the litter box area for 24/7 odor control.

Horse Barns: Place a Gel-Pak™ in the tack room for 24/7 odor control.

Dog Runs/Stables: Use Aromask Concentrate in your rinse water (or power washer) when rinsing down concrete to insure an odor free environment, while leaving a fresh scent.

Pet Sleeping Areas: A well placed Gel-Pak™ in your pets sleeping area will keep the room odor free and fresh 24/7. Use Aromask Sprayer for instant relief for obnoxious odors.

Automobiles: When transporting your dog place a Gel-Pak™ or Gym-Bo™ under the front seat to control pet odors. For quick relief such as, “wet dog smell” use 1 or 2 sprays of Aromask. Aromask Gel-Paks™ and Sprayers are very effective in Police Canine units.

Pet Accidents: Clean up as usual, then spray with Aromask to remove all lingering odors immediately.

Pet Wash: Aromask is very effective in the rinse water to control odors. Add 1 capful of Aromask to the rinse water - then rinse well. Aromask is effective in eliminating SKUNK smells. Simply add 2 capfuls of Aromask liquid to the rinse water and rinse well.

General Use: Effective in controlling unwanted odors anywhere that animals, reptiles or birds are housed. We recommend that pets be out of the room for at least 10 minutes when spraying Aromask. Ensure that Gel-Paks™ are out of the reach of animals - ingestion may cause upset stomach.