Police & Fire

Patrol Cars:
Use finger sprayers for instant elimination of obnoxious odors.

Canine Units:
A Gel-Pak™ placed under the seat will ensure 24/7 odor control.

Holding Tanks/Interview Rooms:
Use finger sprayers for instant relief from obnoxious odors. Use a few capfuls of Aromask in the rinse water to eliminate offensive odors in holding rooms, lock-ups and patrol cars.

Crime Scenes:
When odor is a problem place a Gel-Pak™ (lid off) in the effected area and leave for 30 to 60 minutes before entering. For extreme circumstances, we recommend the use of a Cyclone™ Unit - let it run until the odor has been eliminated.

Fire Departments:
Spray turnout gear with Aromask to control smoke odors. Place Gel-Paks™ in the equipment room for 24/7 odor control.

Funeral Homes:
Used extensively throughout Europe in funeral homes and pathology departments to control obnoxious odors. Use Gel-Paks™ in prep rooms (and Chapels) to control unwanted odors. Use sprayers in work area, coffins and body bags.

Helpful Hints:
For a quick fix for odor control use Aromask finger sprayers. For 24/7 odor control that lasts for months - use Gel-Paks™. For heavy-duty and persistent odor problems we recommend the Cyclone™ Units.

Aromask is Cost Effective:
Concentrates are available in 475 ml., 1 L and 4 L that can be diluted (1 to 3 with water) and used to refill finger sprayers and Gel-Paks™.