Real Estate

Have you ever had a listing or rental property that shows well but smells, often reducing the selling price? Have you ever asked your client to boil cloves or vanilla beans on the stove prior to an open house? There is no subtle way to tell a seller that their home has an odor problem!

Aromask products are widely used by real estate and property management companies to ELIMINATE offensive organic odors such as; cooking smells, cigarette/cigar smoke, mildew, pet odors and other offensive odors. replacing them with a subtle fresh scent, which dissipates as the smell is eliminated.

Recently, in Tacoma, Washington, a real estate agent was experiencing a $5,000 spread between the buyer and the seller, all of which was due to 15 years of heavy smoking in the house. The buyer was insisting on repainting, drapes being dry-cleaned and the carpets being shampooed. Both buyer and seller were inflexible. Susan was fast loosing her sale. We convinced her to try an Aromask Cyclone™ unit for a day. Two days later she phoned to tell us the sale went through - with only a $500.00 difference between the asking and selling price. She gladly purchased an Aromask Real Estate & Property Management Kit for her office. The kit contains a Cyclone™ unit, and a sufficient assortment of products to eliminate all organic odor problems for about 15 to 20 medium size (1,500 sq. ft.) homes or apartments. The cost per home runs about $15.00 - which the seller does not mind paying. Used in a wide variety of odor control applications and industries, which includes waste management, hotels, hospitals, bars/restaurants, funeral homes, automotive/RV/marine/public transportation companies, janitorial supply, police and fire departments to name a few.

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