2nd Hand Smoke

In recent years there is no doubt that second smoke is becoming an issue with non smokers (family, friends and co-workers). And yes they are becoming very vocal about our "bad habit" !

We at Aromask have received many, many testimonials over the years from customers using Aromask products to help eliminate the smell of "second hand smoke" (especially cannabis) from their clothing, homes and automobiles. With the new trending market in "cannabis sales" across the US and Canada, will have developed new convenient dispensers to deal with the odors associated with 2nd hand smoke.

Compact 4 oz Sprayer - if out for "your coffee break", spray a little Aromask on your clothing prior to returning to your desk or work space. A quick spray in your car will help eliminate the odor of tobacco products. Grand kids coming over? A quick spray around your home will eliminate the odor and leave a refreshing neutral scent.

Our NEW convenient 8 mil Personal Pocket/purse sprayer is ideal for a quick spray for your clothing, auto or in your smoking area. Other common uses: public washrooms, smelly footwear, sport bags, lockers.

Gel Paks - helps to eliminate the second hand smoke smell 24/7 from your automobile, home or your "designated smoke area". Our Gel Packs last for months and are refillable with our economical RTU (ready to use). Excellent to eliminate offensive odors in washrooms, closets, lunchrooms while leaving a fresh natural scent.

RTU (ready to use) Refill - economical way to refill your Gel Paks and all your sprayers.

Helpful hint - put a capful of Aromask in your ashtray for an ongoing refreshed environment.

If you stopped smoking in your home - try an Aromask Cyclone Unit/Gel Pak. Many hotels/motels use our units to economically convert smoking rooms to non smoking rooms.

Second Hand Smoke Kit