An effective odor elimination system for all sport facilities. Widely used for eliminating offensive odors in showers, bathrooms, kitchens, portable toilets, lockers, locker rooms, equipment rooms, and in personal sport bags.

Locker Rooms Place Gel-Paks™ in locker rooms to insure 24/7 odor control, while leaving a fresh clean scent. Use Aromask RTU™ when mopping up locker room and bathroom floors to eliminate foul odors (including body odors). For instant relief of offensive odors use 1 or 2 sprays from a finger sprayer. Pour Aromask directly into smelly drains to eliminate offensive odors.

Lockers: Place a Gym-Bo™ in your locker for up to 7 months of odor elimination.

Equipment Rooms: Well placed Gel-Paks™ in the equipment room will ensure a long lasting fresh smelling environment.

Gym Bags: Place a Gym-Bo™ in your sport bag for an odor free environment for up to 7 months.

Exercise Equipment: When washing down exercise (sport) equipment add 2 to 3 capfuls of Aromask (RTU) to the rinse water to eliminate body odor, while leaving a fresh scent.

Footwear: A few drops of Aromask into footwear will immediately eliminate the most offensive odors. This is especially useful in bowling alleys for rental shoes.

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