Waste Management

DUMPSTERS: Spray Aromask directly into dumpsters to control odor problems immediately. During monthly cleaning add Aromask concentrate (mix 1 to 15 with water or 1 - 4 litre bottle to 45 gallons of water) to use in your power washer to eliminate odors.

COMPACTORS: Use Aromask sprays for instant relief around garbage area and compactors. Place Gel-Paks™ around garbage holding area to control unwanted odors 24/7. Cyclone™ units on timers will ensure effective odor control during hot weather or extreme odor problem areas.

GARBAGE & RECYCLING CONTAINERS: Use Aromask sprays for instant elimination of all organic odors. Add Aromask to rinse water when washing down containers. Place a Gel-Pak™ in this area for 24/7 odor control.

TRUCKS: Wash down trucks with diluted Aromask ( 1 to 15 ratio) to eliminate offensive odors. This is especially effective during hot weather.

SMELLY DRAINS & GREASE TRAPS: Aromask concentrate is an effective odor control for smelly drains and grease traps. Pour Aromask concentrate directly into the effected drains, daily or weekly until odor is eliminated.

VALUE ADDED SERVICE & PROFIT CENTER: Aromask products are well accepted by consumers as an effective odor control for many applications. Perhaps your company is looking for an additional profit center (as a reseller) or to use Aromask as a “value added” give-a-way to new or loyal customers. Waste management and odor control are a natural tie-in.